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there's fire if you want it let me know
i'm sick and i'm tired of letting go
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8th-Dec-2010 11:38 am(no subject)
In ancient times, all the women’s vaginas used to wander about. Today, women’s vaginas stay in one place. One woman of ancient times, Tukwi, had a vagina that was especially foolish. While Tukwi slept, her vagina would crawl about the floor of the house, thirsty and hungry, looking for manioc porridge and fish stew. Creeping about snail-like on the ground, it found the porridge pot and slid the top off. One of the men awoke and listened: "Aah, nothing but a mouse," he said, and he went back to sleep. But as the vagina slurped up the porridge, another man awoke and took a brand from the fire to see what was happening. "What is this?" he said. To him it looked like a great frog, with a nose and an immense mouth. Moving closer, he scorched the vagina with his torch. Oh, it scurried back to its owner, slipping right inside her. She cried and cried, for she had been burned. Then Tukwi called all the women and lectured them: "All you women, don’t let your genitals wander about. If they do, they may get burned as mine were!" And so, today, women’s genitals no longer go wandering about.

you're welcome
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